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Mercoledì 26 Giugno 2019
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Software's added value

By adhering to customer service, you can contact one of our technicians to be supported anytime you need it. The service also includes all software's updates, released monthly in order to improve the software with new features.
To ensure functionality, safety, simplicity of use, trustability and performances optimized according to available connections, we've chosen Teamviewer, leader in the sector of teleassistance.


Pragma Window is modular

The base version can be enriched with the following modules:

  • "Glasses' bill of masters" for carpentries and producers;
  • "Field survey" to make construction site activity faster and more authomatic;
  • "Double Entry" for a rigorous accounting management;
  • "Money saving system" to demonstrate your customer the convenience of changing frames.

Previous modules can be activated even after the base module.


The right version for your needs

Pragma Window is available in desktop version, designed to satisfy the needs of showroom and small/medium size carpentries and in a web version, for those who need to manage a wider sales network.

All versions are extremely easy to use thanks to the possibility to adjust masks and the behavior of the program according to sales peculiarities.

imageYou don't need to be a joiner to make quotes!. +

User friendly

With a flexible configuration

image Investing just a few husndred euros you will avoid much more costy mistakes. +


It prevents you from making mistakes

imageBy adhering to customer service, you'll be followed in your work by a technician and your program will be regularly updated. +


Ready for the WEB


People say

The application turned out to be very fast, with a wide variety of personalizations, probably one of the most complete on the market to create quotes of doors, windows, shutters, stairs and all kind of frames, complete with any related accesssory and the following billing of materials. It has a simple interface and an excellent operational speed. It is essential for any business operating in this very important field.
This product is really worth the licence's activation cost...


Sandro Valcauda
TecnoSerramenti Biella

To notice

imageFirst year of customer care included in the licence. +
imageYou can load all item lists you may desire. +
imageFree 15 days trial including customer care.
imageThe web version can manage a whole sales network. +

More info

Certified software

Pragma Doors & Window is certified to guarantee its autenticity


Pragma Doors & Window comes with an electronic GlobalSign certification. This way, you're sure the software you are downloading is intact and legitimate.


Customizable masks

Pragma Doors & Window uses DevExpress technology


DevExpress components make graphic interfaces elegant, intuitive, user-friendly and flexible, in order to use the program at its best.


Free codes

Complete autonomy adding new items


Pragma Doors & Window lets you personalize any list in the program, from frame drawings to sale measurement units to VAT code.


Automatic updates


Thanks to Microsoft ClickOnce technology you can keep the software updated to the latest version. Pragma Doors & Window is regularly updated with optimization and new features required by customers.